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Quality charter

Choose Flahaut, is getting an exposure on 2000 m² with the best existing models

Choose Flahaut, is ensuring a wide selection and exhibit space for each style: copy of old, styled furniture, junior fashion, flexible sets, contemporary furniture, bedding, kitchen.

Choose Flahaut is getting a personalized welcome with a possibility of appointment.

Choose Flahaut, is getting decorating and harmonization tips by specialists.

Choose Flahaut is enjoying facilities on payment, custom credit , credit card.

Choose Flahaut, is being sure of an installation within 250km of Saint-Léonard according to scale store.

Choose Flahaut is enjoying a competent after sales service.

Choose Flahaut is finding the greatest French furniture brands: Cinna, Ligne Roset, Griffin, Gautier, Celio, Ménard, etc …

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92 rue de Londres

62 520 Le Touquet  

Tel: 03 21 05 64 95

103 avenue du Docteur Croquelois –

62360 Saint Léonard


About Us

Since 1949, the furniture Flahaut takes care to the welfare of everyone in its interior. This spring, Gabriel Flahaut, cabinetmaker since three years in Pont-de-Briques, and his wife decided to buy a house opposite the castle and located along the national highway in Saint-Léonard.

Flahaut Gabriel set up his studio while exposing its production. Year after year, the extension goes on, helping to create ambiance areas which are still standing today.

Manufacture stopped in 1957 and the death of Gabriel in 1962. His wife Genevieve, succeeded to  him with his three children.

In this way Gabriel perpetuates the family philosophy, based on an independent business.

Today, it is the desire to meet customer needs in terms of comfort and quality of life that makes Furniture Flahaut the first independent brand on Opal’s coastline.