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Quality charter

Choose Flahaut, is getting an exposure on 2000 m² with the best existing models

Choose Flahaut, is ensuring a wide selection and exhibit space for each style: copy of old, styled furniture, junior fashion, flexible sets, contemporary furniture, bedding, kitchen.

Choose Flahaut is getting a personalized welcome with a possibility of appointment.

Choose Flahaut, is getting decorating and harmonization tips by specialists.

Choose Flahaut is enjoying facilities on payment, custom credit , credit card.

Choose Flahaut, is being sure of an installation within 250km of Saint-Léonard according to scale store.

Choose Flahaut is enjoying a competent after sales service.

Choose Flahaut is finding the greatest French furniture brands: Cinna, Ligne Roset, Griffin, Gautier, Celio, Ménard, etc …

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103 avenue du Docteur Croquelois

62360 Saint Léonard

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92 rue de Londres

62 520 Le Touquet

Tél : 03 21 05 64 95

95 avenue du Docteur Croquelois

62 360 Saint-Léonard

Tél : 03 21 05 64 95